Katerina Vittozzi is a FRANCE 24 journalist. Originally from the UK, she moved to Paris with a suitcase full of PG Tips and a Beginners' Guide to Speaking French. 3 years later, in "Population Paris", Katerina cuts through the red wine fog to take an in-depth look at multiculturalism in the French capital. She lives in the 11th arrondissement and can now use the subjunctive tense (almost).

Brits abroad - and all at sea?

A Brit living in Paris, France 24's Katerina Vittozzi looks at David Cameron's speech on Britain in the EU. Oddly, she thinks she's seen it somewhere before.

I have two loves...well this is France, after all!

Is it only in France that an exhibition about immigration can get such a sexy title? Probably. Katerina Vittozzi went to Paris' Museum of Immigration to see what 'J'ai Deux Amours' was all about...

Holy Cow! Prime Minister’s meat comment angers French Muslim and Jewish leaders

The French Prime Minister Francois has said that in a modern world, halal and kosher dietary laws should be reconsidered. What's the opinion of Parisians who sell and eat halal or kosher meat?